Friday, April 3, 2009


The medical science has made great advancements at organ transplantation technique. An organ transplant can move an entire or partial organ from one body to another for replacing the damaged or failing organ with a healthy one.

The liver transplants are done in an orthotopic fashion in which the liver is removed and the new liver is placed. The surgery is performed through a large incision in the upper abdomen. Many liver transplants implant the entire liver from a deceased donor to the recipient,this surgery is performed mainly on the adult patients.

The new pancreas is attached to the blood vessels and to the bladder, intestine to drain digestive juice. New surgical methods are developed for pancreas transplant. Laparoscopic surgery is less painful as little incision is done in this surgery. After surgery, constant monitoring is done to study the function of the new pancreas as well the other side effects. A healthy lifestyle is urgently required for the patient after surgery for proper rehabilitation.
Surgery of pancreas transplantation takes 12 to 15 hours.

Kidney Transplant is also known as Renal Transplantation. Kidney transplant surgery is a procedure of curing the patient with end- stage of renal disease. Kidney transplant can be performed replacing the diseased kidney donated from the deceased donor as well as living donor depending on the source of the recipient organ.
malignant hypertension, infections, diabetes mellitus and glomerulonephritis.


An intestinal transplant is done to children or adults who suffer from intestinal failure from total parenteral nutrition (TPN), an intravenous nutrition supply system through a catheter or needle inserted into a vein in the arm, groin, neck or chest. Long-term TPN can also result in complications like bone disorders, catheter-related infections and liver failure.


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Care Hospital (Musheerabad)
Hyderabad Fertility Research Centre (Narayanaguda)
Osmania General Hospital (Afzalgunz)
Seetharam Maternity Nursing Home (Narayanaguda)
Unity Centre for Orthopaedics and Trauma (Narayanaguda)
Wockhardt Hospital(King Koti)
Sai Orthopaedic Centre (Chikkad)
Trichur heart hospital(Trichur)
Breach candy hospital(Mumbai)
Jaipur Golden Institute(Mangol Puri)
Laparoscopy Hospital(Tilak Nagar)
Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital(Delhi Gate)
G.R.M.I & Rajasthan Hospitals(Shahibaug)
Samved Hospital(Navrangpura)
Krishna Heart Foundation(ahmedabad)
Vanivilas Women and childrens hospital(Bangalore Medical College)
Victoria Hospital (Bangalore Medical College)
Wockhardt Hospital(Cunningham Rd. )
Wockhardt Hospital(Bannerghatta Main Road)

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