Friday, January 29, 2010


An alternate source of energy is Hydrogen.It is NOT carbon based therefore no CO,CO2 or hydrocarbons.The by-product of combustion using hydrogen is H2O (pure water vapor).Hydrogen is one the most abundant elements on the planet.It bonds easily with Oxygen and other elements. That is why it works well in fuel cells to produce electricity. Fuel cells combine hydrogen and oxygen, during this process electrons are released. They are then collected and concentrated to produce electricity. The emissions are pure water vapor.The largest obstacle in cracking the hydrogen from other compounds is cost. The cost to produce pure hydrogen from water or other compounds like natural gas is high and conventional generating plants create carbon pollution in the process. Use of clean generating systems like solar, wind, hydraulic, nuclear and geo-thermal can be utilized to produce the 99.97% pure hydrogen needed for fuel cells without increasing carbon dioxide levels. Wind generated electricity used to power a test facility reformer (a reformer separates hydrogen from natural gas or other compounds) recently brought the cost down to about $5 a gallon equivalent. A light-weight on-board storage system that is crash safe to use in an automotive application is being developed. If we concentrated our efforts on hydrogen and forgot Ethanol we'll be better off. BTW, NASA flew a small (2 seater) airplane a few years ago using a Hydrogen fuel cell and electric motor powerplant.Ethanol is carbon based, produces less energy than gasoline and uses our food and water supplies.Ethanol carries about 54% of the energy of contained in 87 octane unleaded gasoline. Hydrogen carries about 120% based on a gallon equivalent of 87 octane unleaded gasoline.Oh yeah, we can reform hydrogen from methane that comes from human and animal waste and other forms of biologic waste. And in a hydrogen economy we would create many new jobs. Another American product and technology. That is if we don't allow the big corporations to sell us out.

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