Monday, July 6, 2009

Petrol from Bacteria - "Future petrol"

Those nasty tummy bugs caused by the presence of a common bacteria E.coli, may turn out to have a good side, because this diarrhoea causing bug may become the fuel of the future.

According to American scientists working at the University of California (UCLA) E.coli can be used to make alcohol that is as much as 300% more efficient than the ethanol additives currently in use.

The scientists have managed to genetically alter the E.coli so that it is able to produce something called “long-chain alcohol” which is highly suited for use in aircraft propulsion.

It is also thought that it could be added to many other fuels including basic petrol and diesel.

The huge advantage is that bacteria grow at a rate that does not even compare to regular plants used for producing biofuel.

They reproduce astonishingly quickly as we all know. After eating food contaminated with E.coli we can become sick within a few hours.

It is hoped that the new additive will be added to corn and other food based biofuels to give a much needed boost to the fuels’ efficiency.

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